Friday, June 1, 2012

SMW Hack - World of Pain Introduction + Stage 1 - Incomprehensible

SMW Hack - World of Pain Introduction + Stage 1 - Incomprehensible Video Clips. Duration : 7.88 Mins.

*Credit goes to MoltovMarioWorld and Azure for the GFX rips. Demo v1.0 - All I ask is that you do not claim you do not change any bits and pieces of this demo and claim this hack yours. Also note that this is a demo and the levels are not finalized. World Of Pain - Next Stage - -- Well, since this hack failed to become an easier kaizo hack of mine, I'll just stick to creating a more unique and imaginative hack -- Well, after 3 months, I have started a new project called, SMW World of Pain by Penangbenny of course! This video is tool-assisted by the way. Once again, inspired by Cool or Cruel. MUSIC: First intro - CUSTOM Lullaby Second intro - Blooper Bay Incomprehensible - Touhou 6 - Beloved Tomboyish Girl This hack has some kaizo traps that I have made up, and is almost based off of the criteria of Cool or Cruel. You can tell that when you reach the second level. The overworld is very, very similar, and you have to obviously go into the star (just like C | C) and you meet the puzzle level. Then you keep going on. Yeah, I am going to show you the tricks to every level, except the secret exits, so you must find it on your own. There is also a special world. Can you find it? NOTE: This TAS is very old, so that means I may have edited a few things after I finished my TAS. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OTHER GOODIES! Minecraft Let's Play: Kaizo Savestateless Let's Play: 2nd ...

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