Monday, May 14, 2012

Pokemon Nuzlocke - Emerald Randomizer 2 Part 19

Pokemon Nuzlocke - Emerald Randomizer 2 Part 19 Video Clips. Duration : 60.02 Mins.

A Secret trailer of my Upcoming Minecraft Escape Map can be found below ;) Add me on Skype!: hardytekyoyo For random thoughts, chuck norris jokes and possibly the answer to the universe.... See the whole Pokemon Nuzlocke show here! After a long long time, well actually about a month or so....we have reached the Elite Four. During out Hour Long journey, we challenge many Pokemon and many trainers. How will our journey end? Wait and see as the Pokemon Emerald Randomizer comes to an End!! (or does it o.0) Music in the intro and EGM by Music at the end provided by Machinima Sound! The secret Minecraft Escape Map Trailer! http

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