Sunday, May 20, 2012

Ep. 1 | Blast To The Past!

Ep. 1 | Blast To The Past! Tube. Duration : 14.18 Mins.

WELCOME TO Let's Play Super Mario: Star Road!! This is not only my first LP of a hack game, but my first BLIND LP. That means the fun in this game will be discovered by both of us at the same exact time. I have no idea how long this game will be, what bosses are in store for us, what enemies we'll have to face, what puzzles we have to solve, what challenges awaits's truly an adventure! The game plays just like Super Mario 64, so there will be no problem in terms of controls. The only issue, I'd say, is the camera, which I hope to have fixed very soon. One other thing I want to mention is the game audio. Since this is my first LP of an emulated game, I don't have the right set up (YET) for recording the game audio and my voice. I hope to have it settled in the upcoming episodes, hopefully no more pass Episode 3. This LP will upload EVERY WEEKEND AT 12PM (Noon) EST. Come back every Saturday and Sunday for a new installment!!

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